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Netflix is a data hog. And that hog is growing fatter. The streaming video service now accounts for a whopping 34.2 percent of Internet traffic sent to North American homes during peak evening hours.
The Federal Communications Commission -- not without controversy -- will vote this week on an initial plan that may let broadband
If approved, "the combined company’s footprint will pass over 60 percent of U.S. broadband households...with most of those
"The fact that so many people spoke out against Comcast's behavior helped the company to realize that what they were doing
Why is that? Well, the U.S. is home to Google Fiber, which streams Netflix films at 3.35 megabits per second and is significantly
Netflix's proposition forces us to change the way we view competition on the Internet. Instead of a sprint, we are witnessing a cage match of competition, in which these companies enter each other's markets and make and break alliances among each other.
Netflix just launched the latest volley in the boiling battle between the movie-streaming company and the Internet providers