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Have you been scrolling through your Netflix queue recently and noticed a disturbing amount of missing "Seinfeld" episodes
Getting paid to watch TV? Yeah, that doesn't sound fun at all. Last week, a job advertisement started making the rounds on
Apparently, while Netflix has put out some feelers to CBS -- the company that, along with Viacom, owns rights to the franchise
Netflix may also kill the top two rows on its homepage -- "popular on Netflix" and "critically-acclaimed movies" -- and replace
Netflix Roulette is a new website promising some much needed relief to those struggling with what to choose when it comes
The comedian is slated to leave her late night talk show on E! after her contract expires this year, and while she was once
Comcast executives see things differently. "We are happy that Comcast and Netflix were able to reach an amicable, market
Play movies and shows that you've already seen and know you like from outside of Netflix ... The Netflix algorithm is guided
The charge gained significance because it comes after last month's federal appeals court ruling that struck down Federal
For years, the streaming service in the U.S. has cost $7.99 per month. But analysts have said that in order for Netflix to cover its high content and expansion costs it would only be a matter of time before the streaming video service had to increase its prices.