At the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam, Charlize Theron, Sir Elton John and the Duke of Sussex spoke out against the prejudice and stigma that hinder efforts to end HIV and AIDS.
This isn’t the country's first attempt at an atomic renaissance. Will the Dutch actually make it work this time?
The royals with the biggest crown jewels across the pond aren’t household names here in the US.
The company behind a COVID-19 vaccine touted as a key tool for the developing world will miss a target for giving doses to the U.N.-backed effort to deliver shots to poorer countries.
A group of Dutch historians has published an in-depth criticism of the work and conclusion of a cold case team.
The societal pressure to be happy can leave you feeling like total s**t.
The 10 richest people in the world have more than doubled their wealth since the pandemic began in 2020.
As a result, some broadcasters canceled their livestream of a tournament that will determine the final spots in the Beijing Olympics.
The Netherlands’ RIVM health institute found omicron in samples dating from Nov. 19 and 23.
Dutch health authorities said the coronavirus variant was found in samples taken before South Africa first reported the variant to the World Health Organization.