The Netherlands’ RIVM health institute found omicron in samples dating from Nov. 19 and 23.
Dutch health authorities said the coronavirus variant was found in samples taken before South Africa first reported the variant to the World Health Organization.
Officials later confirmed that at least 13 had the omicron variant.
Two people have been arrested after De Vries was shot in the head last week while leaving a TV studio.
The ruling could set a precedent for similar cases against polluting multinationals around the world.
The blast in the town of Bovenkarspel, 35 miles north of Amsterdam, shattered windows but caused no injuries.
Six European nations moved to ban flights from the U.K. as a new strain of coronavirus sweeps across southern England.
Nations including Germany, Italy and France are moving to tighten restrictions amid fears of a third coronavirus peak.
Walibi Holland's famous oversized teddy bears are testing out another ride.
A man in the Netherlands has some pretty unusual new neighbors and they spend most of the day staring at each other.
The ferret-like animals displayed respiratory symptoms, according to the Dutch Agricultural Ministry.
Police in the Netherlands said they were still searching for a suspect, as well as a motive.
“The gay couple are looking after the egg very well," said a zookeeper at the Netherlands' DierenPark Amersfoort.
The Dutch are so comfortable doing nothing, they have a term for it. Could we benefit from adopting it?
The Paris area hit 108.3 degrees Fahrenheit, beating the previous record of 104.8 F set in 1947.
The wave of machines taking over farms in the Netherlands has helped propel its rise to the world's second-biggest food exporter after the U.S.
Churches in the Netherlands have been converted into community centers, museums, apartment buildings and even gyms.
For over three months, a church in the Netherlands held nonstop services to keep the Tamrazyans from being sent back to Armenia.
It's one of a handful of places around the world using cash to try to lure people out of their cars and onto their bicycles.