Anti-Islam populist Geert Wilders is scrambling to moderate his stances, and climate denial could be at the top of the list.
On a Dutch TV show in 1997, the girl group was introduced to the traditional Christmas character “Black Pete.” They were not impressed.
The win is one of the biggest political upsets in Dutch politics since World War II, and is bound to send shockwaves through Europe.
Police in the Netherlands say a lone gunman wearing a bulletproof vest killed three people, including a 14-year-old girl.
Kollé will be the second transgender woman to compete in Miss Universe during the 2023 event in El Salvador later this year.
"I ask forgiveness for the clear failure to act in the face of this crime against humanity," King Willem-Alexander said in an emotional speech.
The donor’s lawyer said in a court hearing that he wanted to help parents who would otherwise be unable to conceive.
A government report said institutional racism in the Netherlands “cannot be seen separately from centuries of slavery and colonialism and the ideas that have arisen in this context.”
At the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam, Charlize Theron, Sir Elton John and the Duke of Sussex spoke out against the prejudice and stigma that hinder efforts to end HIV and AIDS.
This isn’t the country's first attempt at an atomic renaissance. Will the Dutch actually make it work this time?