Bernie Sanders is unlikely to be the Democratic nominee, but he is having an impact on the primary race in several ways.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) spoke at the annual Netroots Nation gathering at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix
And so it begins. Hillary Clinton is now officially in the race for the White House. Her announcement, like pretty much everything else about her upcoming campaign, will be microscopically analyzed within an inch of its life.
An aide explains that it was a once-popular Motorola flip-phone model deemed quaint by the later Bush years. Schumer changes
Scenes from the event: Vice President Joe Biden, who has also been mentioned as a potential candidate in 2016, made his first
Vice President Joe Biden took the stage Thursday at Netroots Nation, telling an exuberant crowd that the United States has reached an "inflection point" and progressives are needed now more than ever.
The vice president recalled endorsing marriage equality during a 2012 appearance on "Meet the Press," before President Barack
Vice President Joe Biden will give the keynote address at the event on Thursday. Other speakers at the event include Sens
I spent the last couple of days at Netroots Nation, and it was one impressive gathering. Netroots is highly professional in how it's organized and wonderfully amateur in its inclusiveness. Most of this year's attendees were first-timers, including me. As a veteran of a different generation whose progressive and journalistic life winds back to the antiwar and civil rights movements of the 1960s and Pacifica Radio in its heyday, I felt both like an anthropologist exploring a whole other era and culture of activism and like a grandfather encouraged that the kids are carrying it on, in antic and ingenious ways that my generation couldn't have imagined. I'll take Netroots over Yippies and Weathermen any day. What I observed was lots of amazingly creative, funny, principled, affirming, joyous people, mostly young, and lots of movements making a difference. And yet the movements don't quite aggregate to a Movement.
As she spoke about the need to "balance" privacy and security, a man stood and yelled, "it's not a balance, it makes us less