netroots nation

Activists are furious that she has publicly criticized progressive members of the House Democratic Caucus.
The senator's supporters say his absence doesn't matter.
Tom Steyer’s campaign did not exactly take Netroots Nation by storm.
"Those are things that dictators have said," the New Jersey senator said.
Members of the “Black Ass Caucus” were disappointed in how Netroots Nation treated black conference-goers and panelists.
There has been less attention -- especially in the LGBT community -- to protected non-visible disabilities such as epilepsy, depression, alcoholism, anxiety disorder, dyslexia, attention deficit disorder and post traumatic stress syndrome.
This year's Netroots Nation felt like one long lightbulb joke.
As African-Americans and citizens of a country that values political participation, this country is always asking for political engagement from blacks but if it's not in the manner deemed appropriate, we are asked to sit down and be silent.
To white Americans who are uncomfortable, I say: welcome to our world. You may be uncomfortable for a while until we make America a truly fair and racially just society.