neue galerie

Here today; gone tomorrow. Summer subsides all too soon, it seems -- taking with it this year, a number of notable exhibits on temporary view in New York City. Interrupt your summer strolls to catch these shows due to be dismantled once the season changes.
Schjeldahl has turned even more negative on Klimt as evidenced by a 2012 column in The New Yorker, titled "Changing My Mind
Just as Sigmund Freud upended and challenged the way society viewed the psyche and sexuality in fin-de-siècle Vienna -- Schiele reached the same results with emotionally charged works that reflected his inner turmoil, desires, and fantasies.
The show operates on several different levels. In 21st century terminology, it is a mashup of history, psychology and art.
Some of the best stores in town aren't run by our legendary retailers or international designers -- they're in our magnificent museums!
"I wanted to compare what was considered official art and what was degenerate," Olaf Peters, the art historian who organized
Cellist Jan Vogler has played with some of the best orchestras in the world, including our own New York Philharmonic. In his own words, Jan shares with NYC-ARTS his favorite things to do in New York City.
From 1900-1930 German art gained its highly charged energy from its simultaneous relationship to modernity and primitivism
Hodler's paintings, modern through and through, show a devotion to his hometown, loved ones and personal narrative without
Here are more of my favorite places to find unique gifts, home décor and more, at some of the unique and amazing sites in New York City.
This year marks the 150th anniversary of Gustav Klimt's birthday, and museums around the world are celebrating the Austrian
“Heinrich Kuehn and His American Circle: Alfred Stieglitz and Edward Steichen" is on view at Neue Galerie in New York until
MoMA has created unique websites for special exhibitions, called subsites. Observing these subsites allows one to extract some general principles for website design in the museum context.
Although I appreciate all the good philanthropy does, I wish to alter the way supersized philanthropy operates in America as part of my commitment to keep America true to our founding freedoms.
Olaf Peters calls the representational, highly topical style of painter Otto Dix "intransigent realism." In this, Peters
I first got to know certain New York streets and neighborhoods from my espresso-scouting missions. A mental map started to emerge, illuminated as if by a caffeinated glow in each of these spots.