By Drs. David Niesel and Norbert Herzog Some recent studies have revealed something we suspected but had not discovered about
Alzheimer's disease is the most common cause of dementia, accounting for up to 70 percent of all cases. But it's not the
But we are all programmed with unconscious biases, learned from cultural cues and societal signaling. Black and White alike
To the extent that we are mirrored, encouraged and acknowledged for our achievements and our creative pursuits, we are unified within ourselves. To the degree that we are perceived through a distorted mirror, we are torn asunder and may search for approval at a cost to our real self and creativity.
I came back from school one day in early September and went to my grandparent's house. I didn't go to our house because my parents were shuttling between home and University Hospital, where my older brother was being treated. The leukemia had been in remission for months, and he had been doing better. But when it came back, it was overwhelming.
A reality of science is understanding that the more we peer and examine, the more our studies elude us.
The major risk factor for both cancer and Alzheimer's disease is aging. Changes in our biology that happen as we age contribute to the development of both diseases. Better understanding the biology of aging will help us develop drugs to treat Alzheimer's. It will also help us identify drugs currently used to treat cancer that could also be "repurposed" to treat Alzheimer's patients.
This is an urgent need that must be attended to, not only for our own children, also for those children we can reach and impact. Africadarian is the best model to refer to in order to effect this long lasting change.The ancient proverb that 'It takes a village to raise a child', is more relevant in this case.
We all know about the brain that lives in our head, but we might not know about the brain that lives in our stomach. Vicky Vlachonis, Osteopath and author of "The Body Doesn't Lie," breaks down what all that rumbling in your tummy is about.
Author Sy Montgomery says octopuses are smart and have souls.
Rewiring the brain. The scientists transplanted embryonic neurons that express the neurotransmitter GABA from the brains
As a parent, you can learn the kinds of communication patterns that will make the growth of your child's brain optimized.
The first step in healing the destruction in our world is healing the destruction in our own thoughts. Moving on from that to positive thinking we have discovered an infinite world of possibility that creates real change in human relations that emerges from inside the resilient human brain.
“These images are simply too beautiful to be hidden away in a lab," Sophie Dow, founder of Mindroom, said in the statement
To test the hypothesis, Frankland and his team first compared the stability of memories in adult mice versus 17-day-old mice
Here are examples of ongoing National Science Foundation-funded brain research that runs the gamut from discoveries about the brains of dinosaurs and birds to research involving Alzheimer's and beyond.
NextLesson is a web app where teachers and parents can get access to pre-designed lesson plans or create their own. It wasn't created by a 20-year-old to jump on the next big trend. It was created by a couple of dads using the ideas and techniques of high tech to solve a real problem in education.
So how could humans have evolved the ability to form false memories? Tonegawa speculates that false memory is the price humans
Spalding and her colleagues had used the same techniques in other regions of the brain, including the cortex, the cerebellum