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neuroscience research

“The first time these guys showed me the basic result, I just said one sentence: ‘They’ll have to change the textbooks,'” Lee
"The learning we induced during sleep was just to change the emotional value of the different locations of the environments
It's a powerful testament to the kind of impact that global data collection and scientific collaboration can have. They discovered
The brain fascinates me, and my perfect career is to explore the mysteries of the brain while curing patients. Dr. Catherine Black, on Black Box, is exactly the type of neurologist I aspire to be.
The idea of telepathy may not be as far-fetched as it seems. This year, scientists achieved direct brain-to-brain communication
Why do some of us cheat in our relationships and have romantic affairs? Are there factors that may predict infidelity in men and women? What does the science say? For a better understanding of infidelity (and how to spot a potential cheater), HuffPost Science's Jacqueline Howard reached out to sexuality researcher Dr. Robin Milhausen and neuroscientist Dr. Giovanni Frazzetto.
HuffPost Science's Jacqueline Howard interviews neuroscientist Dr. Lise Eliot about differences in the male and female brain.
If a cure, and ultimately a prevention, for such disorders as schizophrenia, autism or Alzheimer's can be developed in our lifetime, it will save trillions of dollars in medical and patient-care costs and a lifetime of family heartaches.
2013-05-16-saxepullCooperating in large groups is a signature accomplishment of the human brain: among similar species, we are remarkably good at working together and negotiating our differences.
But not everyone is quitting. Eli Lilly and Johnson & Johnson still have major investments in neuroscience, while Roche - best
President Obama will soon declare a second "decade of the brain." The project is a good idea, but don't hold your breath that it will lead to any quick clinical breakthroughs or deep insights into human consciousness.
Throughout every day and night, an area of your brain known as the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) "listens in" on your body's chemical state and responds by actively tinkering with the sensitivity of other neural pathways. This overturns a long-held belief about the brain.
Neuroscience has grown from a subdiscipline of biology to a field in its own right, with its own proliferating subdisciplines. In coming decades, it will rival and then surpass the influence of the older physical sciences. This is the era of the brain supremacy.
The observed disparity between recognition and motor skill control is the basis for what is called “action-perception dissociation
It was an honor to interact with scientists who are going in directions where no one has gone before in neuroscientific research. It's good to know we have people on the planet excited about the questions no one has yet to answer.