Scientists theorize the trait pushes people to see their doctor more.
It's been a few months since my son's brain surgery. A few months since words like "resection" and "craniotomy" and "temporal lobe" became part of my almost daily vocabulary. I went from someone who took her kid to the doctor once a year, to someone who has an entire team of doctors to choose from when something goes wrong.
When I heard about Miles to Go, a coming-of-age comedy-drama about a thirtysomething, tattooed, Jewish writer in Los Angeles with commitment issues, I knew it was something I needed to see. As that more or less describes me (sigh).
It was on the eve of my Bollywood music video debut that I started to have thoughts about my feet, which was strange. I rarely think about them. In fact, I am guilty of neglect.
So what sets these "healthy neurotics" apart? Read on to find out. "Indeed, it predicts shorter, less happy, less healthy
Interrupting the daily routine with a getaway isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. And for us and many others, these breaks have meant the difference between having a thriving relationship and getting a divorce.
The microscope will make you anxious. It will make you question every decision you make and do things that you wouldn't ordinarily do. It will add significant stress to your parenting experience, if you let it.
Neuroticism and conscientiousness are considered two of the "big 5" personality domains. The others include extraversion
At the core of many neurotics is an inability to comfort, calm, reassure or feel good about themselves and needing those to come from someone else.
Take my grains kick, for instance. I learned that unless the bread I bought contained 100% whole wheat, I was robbing myself
Why is it that we get a warm feeling when someone understands us? Why is it that a simple caring "Are you okay?" can so move us?
Since Obama has become president, I feel comfortable as the multiracial shikseh that I am, and am engaging in thoughtful conversations about my heritage and background, without self-deprecation.
I'd been on the job a few months, and, with the holiday season approaching, my boss gave me a budget and asked me to handle