Some compounds, known as endocrine disrupting chemicals (or EDCs for short), can mimic or confuse your body's hormones, interfering
It is a slow and very painful death if untreated, nothing like the quick and painless death the Egyptian queen would have preferred. It seems likely that William Shakespeare and Elizabeth Taylor have framed the snake, and that the real Cleopatra committed suicide by some other means, such as poison.
The tragedy in Flint is a symptom of America's growing inequality, which segregates and marginalizes entire communities.
Has the Chik-fil-A "We make Benches out of our Styrofoam cups" ad appeared on your social media yet? When it hit mine, I had to respond to Chik-Fil-A publicly so they don't get away with this misleading polystyrene propaganda.
Contaminated crab: Just one of the "new normals" that might be linked to climate change.
Experts also agree on one big problem: We're not really looking. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, for example, has
A potential shifting of the bell curve should ring alarms for policymakers, business leaders and parents alike, experts say
Lead, regardless of the level, is found in makeup around the country. Even in makeup intended for kids. Halloween can be an opportunity for toxic mayhem OR it can be an opportunity to learn, educate and buy carefully.
According to a LULAC study, almost 30 percent of Hispanics live dangerously close to a coal-fired plant.
I just had a lock of my hair chopped off to benefit science and the planet. I was joined by other moms, children and babies
The hope in roping off sections of plover habitat in Malibu Lagoon is that we will be able to share the beach with our feathered friends and that the plovers will nest and reproduce.
I've often wondered why the dots haven't been connected by most people between neurotoxic chemicals and ADHD-type behavior.
After several reports of lead poisoning in Indian children in the Boston area were linked to consumption of Indian spices
For neurological illnesses, a body of scientific research demonstrates that certain food additives contribute to excessive nerve cell firing, and thus may possibly trigger neurological incidents.
A study by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy detected mercury in nearly one-third of 55 popular brand-name food and beverage products where HFCS is the present.
Improve your nutrition. This is the one thing you can always do which is never ill-advised and will always improve your condition.
Will the next administration set serious goals of reversing the rate of autism diagnosis by the end of their term or just declare autism a national health emergency and let it go at that?