Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) won the New Hampshire Democratic primary election, with Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) close behind.
It's another setback for the movement to elect reformer DAs after a wave of losses in California last week.
This bill, if passed, would also be a violation of the national party rules. There are no Democratic Party rules for the
This year Garza anticipates that while many Hispanic Democrats will stay loyal to their party, others will continue to register as independents--the largest swing group of voters that may decide the election.
If the Anyone-But-Romney forces can find a way to unite, it's probably not too late to pull off an upset. But if Romney sweeps the next several races, his momentum will be overwhelming. Look to Minnesota and Colorado on February 7 to make the decisive difference.
What happens in Vegas goes everywhere. But wasn't there once talk about sin and degradation -- and gambling falling in there somewhere? Or was that just a subtext in The Music Man? How can gambling be sweeping the nation, a nation of evangelicals and fundamentalists?
Here is a warning to Nevada: Talk of New Hampshire setting our First-In-The-Nation Presidential Primary in December isn't
"Whoa," said Manders, "you're not carrying that today are you in here?" Manders cut to break after the statement. So there
After tripping over themselves to appeal to the Tea Party, these candidates will have to walk a tightrope that won't alienate the radical right while appealing to moderates. We believe they'll fall off.
If Nevada's last Democratic presidential debate was a Vegas boxing match, tonight's is an Old West duel. Three candidates