Then there's the problem of Las Vegas' image of glitzy casinos and ersatz monuments. "We're selling a state as a great place
The increasing diversity of U.S. students and their families demonstrate the need to develop innovative strategies to encourage meaningful parental involvement. When weighing budget pressures, eliminating ways to engage parents is a step in the wrong direction.
Students, parents and teachers stood behind the educator during a school board meeting last week, arguing that the teacher
Ed Reform In Nevada? Gov. Brian Sandoval is putting the final touches on his Wednesday State of the State speech, and according to the Las Vegas Review Journal, education will factor high. Merit pay -- a plan in which teachers are paid partially in accordance with their students' test scores -- is looking good to him. "There is money in the budget to ensure we have a fair system by which we're going to measure the performance of teachers," Sandoval said. "Education will be a big priority for me, and you're going to hear a lot about it in the State of the State. K-12 as well as higher ed." (It should be noted that merit pay hasn't been found to work most anywhere -- except in special cases).
Too many tests in Texas? A group of parents certainly thinks so. "Texans Advocating for Meaningful Assessments recently made
Freshman state Sen. Mark Hutchison tells the Las Vegas Sun that he intends to draft a bill calling for members of the state
Greg Lyons, the alleged bully's father, defended his daughter, telling KTNV that while he is disappointed in his child's
8 News NOW Nevada ranks near the top of the country with respect to state bullying laws. The U.S. Department of Education
A separate “Kids Count” report released in July by the Annie E. Casey Foundation placed Nevada last in education and 48th
The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that Clark County School District, which teaches nearly 75 percent of all the state’s
Fewer than two of every five UNLV students earn bachelor’s degrees within six years, according to the National Center for
These measurements can be critical: Early first impressions dictate who comes to school and how often, a question that influences
The president also touted Wednesday morning the importance of parents and teachers in a child's education. NORTH LAS VEGAS
So we shouldn't suggest creating a federal policy around a longer school calendar? "Even when children start school at age
"It might not be the best place to raise kids anymore," Morris told KLAS-TV. "We want our kids to be exposed to have the
When given the choice between focusing solely on the economy versus improving education to bolster the economy, 53% of the surveyed Latino voters believe that improving education is central to improving the economy.
Teachers unions have pushed back hard against many of these policies, with clout gained from years of lobbying and writing
Orr Middle School Principal George Leavens isn't surprised that only half his students tested at grade level in math and
Brian Sandoval is proposing a band-aid for the schools; Rory Reid is promising a genuine overhaul, eliminating bureaucracy and affording teachers the freedom to innovate and lead.