never married

Let's start with 'When are you going to get married already?'
Media -- and now social media -- tends to make marriage look glossy and perfect, causing single women to think they're somehow missing out on the best thing in their lives because they haven't strolled down the aisle yet. Nothing could be further from the truth.
It's a common belief that being single is bad for your health. According to the signature study on the subject, conducted
The real secret, pervasive threat to the Institute of Marriage? Childless, single, joyous, happy and free women who just can't get worked up about getting married and who do not want children. And our numbers are growing.
"I felt married, I felt committed," the the 65-year-old actress told the paper. “If you have children, they are never out
The former couple, who met on the set of 1988's "Bull Durham," have two sons together, Jack, 22, and Miles, 19. Sarandon
What's good about the study is that it is based on a nationally representative sample, not just a convenience sample of people