Never Trump

Stephanie Grisham defended the president's tweet attacking his Republican critics as "human scum."
The "never Trump" faction of the GOP remains a distinct minority.
Don't put professional Republican smear men on your liberal podcast.
They knew damn well his brand of politics was a snake before they took it in.
So no, there's nothing normal about a Trump presidency, it is not just another bad four years, it is the end of the world
To think that this victory would somehow absolve him of these horrible words and actions is not just laughable, it’s insulting.
What this election comes down to is who is hated more.
Over the course of my adult voting years, I have voted both Democratic and Republican, but this year, my choice will be Hillary Clinton, specifically because I believe she upholds many of the family values that I believe are core to Mormonism including: a pro-immigration stance, attention to women's health care issues, keeping same-sex marriage legal, decreasing poverty, and improving education access for all.
When Donald Trump first announced his candidacy for President in June of 2015, I like most people laughed it off. Given the sideshow antics that invariably accompany The Donald wherever he goes, I didn't take his candidacy seriously. So when he secured the nomination in July the next year, I was shocked and appalled.
We are a country created by immigrants. This was never a white country. Give it some thought and let's discuss. You're not
Did you #feelthebern? If so, then you supported a political movement toward the left. You supported a man who believes in free college tuition, single payer health care, combating climate change, fighting for women's equality in pay and women's choice in their own healthcare, and raising the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour.
A tightening general election has put anti-Trump Republicans in an awkward position.
In my job as a documentary maker, I am lucky to meet and get to know people from many different backgrounds who are kind enough to let me come into their world with my camera. They show me, and an audience of strangers, the things that are special to them in their bubble of lifestyle, politics, or worldview.
"It’s all so pathetic and disgusting," one person said.