I want to sue for my whole vote, not a quarter of it. And I want to do it before the Electoral College votes in December
If you quit, the ideas you oppose and the policies you reject will prevail.
In part one, Jackie tries his hardest to get behind his party's candidate and endorse Donald Trump. And in part two, Jackie
Jackie and Dunlap of Red State Update sure do hate Trump. Here, look.
After Donald Trump's latest outrages, Meg Whitman, CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise and a big Republican donor, has announced that she is going to vote for Hillary Clinton. With all due respect, Meg, you're making a tactical mistake.
With Colorado Trump campaign manager Patrick Davis  relying on the "robust operations" of the Colorado Republican party, it's
Yet, you persist with your neck firmly out because you love your country and you hold your values and principles as sacred
Now that Donald Trump is improbably close to becoming president, several frightened commentators are suggesting he receive psychiatric evaluation to ensure he is not mentally ill. The amateur diagnoses most often floated for Trump are Narcissistic Personality Disorder or Borderline Personality Disorder.
The influential conservative pundit isn't letting up on the presumptive GOP nominee.
Paul Ryan’s endorsement has yet to convince #NeverTrump Republicans.
Ironically and almost laughably, one of the reasons the GOP has so much trouble with Trump is that they are the "think then
So, getting back to you and your pull out quotes, Jonathan. The pundits and political professionals will rationalize away
SAN DIEGO – As hundreds of protesters outside his rally here Friday afternoon chanted obscenities, waved Mexican flags and
For one thing, my Republican friends are telling me they don't much value the idea of treating everyone with equal dignity. Trump's divisive and degrading behavior toward women, Muslims, Mexicans, the handicapped, and others should disqualify someone from power.