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The late rapper's family said in a statement on his social media accounts that the music will drop later this month.
"k bye for now" features songs from the tour and is a "thank u" to fans, Grande said.
The singer apparently wasn't pleased with an NPR review that called the music "instantly compelling" and also full of "bad-girl flexes."
The singer's much anticipated follow-up to "A Seat At The Table" is on its way.
“I felt lost. You don’t know where to belong,” the "American Idol" winner said of his last few years.
“Kids used to make fun of my voice,” the singer told HuffPost. Her new jazz album, “Stripped,” is out now.
Photo by Aleksandra Dubov One of the most poignant voices currently floating about is that of Ayla Nereo. Delicate yet powerful
Atyya's music has found a home in the ears and hearts of the transformational festival community and is deeply immersed within
Barely old enough to drink, singer-actor Cierra Ramirez is poised to take the stage in global fashion with an urban/pop EP
Frank Ocean's career has always been about timing. He and his team are calculated. This is chess, not checkers and I think all of these false alarms and rumors are part of the plan. Music needs some mystery. It needs deep thinkers. It needs Frank Ocean to bring balance to The Force. Basically what I'm saying is, let the man cook.
Journeying into a South American reverie is "Camino Rojo" which features Argentinian trio, Lulacruza. One of the most blissful
The crazy guitar that sounds like a bird was one of my favorite guitar sounds on the LP. It's our usual "All-American" Fender setup through our Cultco pedal, but we used a Boss PS-6 to get that crazy sliding effect.
Katy Perry! Frank Ocean! Animal Collective!
We hear about John Legend's and Kanye's upcoming albums.
If you've seen Ritter play live, you know how infectious he is on the concert stage. If you have not, do yourself a favor and go. His joyous smile and his humor will give you a peek into his open, exuberant heart.
Mariah Carey just released the album cover for her upcoming number one hits compilation due out this May
Prince Royce is a Latin music superstar and his transition into the American music scene shouldn't surprise anyone. At 25, the 20-time Latin Billboard Award winner and multi-platinum singer-songwriter is releasing his fourth album which is a compilation of English-language songs.