new album

With a new album out, the singer reflects on taking cues from Spike Lee, and the relevancy of "The Way It Is" and Tupac Shakur's "Changes."
The Grammy-winning singer takes aim at political men "without a soul" on "Good Souls Better Angels."
The late rapper's family said in a statement on his social media accounts that the music will drop later this month.
"k bye for now" features songs from the tour and is a "thank u" to fans, Grande said.
The singer apparently wasn't pleased with an NPR review that called the music "instantly compelling" and also full of "bad-girl flexes."
The singer's much anticipated follow-up to "A Seat At The Table" is on its way.
“I felt lost. You don’t know where to belong,” the "American Idol" winner said of his last few years.
“Kids used to make fun of my voice,” the singer told HuffPost. Her new jazz album, “Stripped,” is out now.
Photo by Aleksandra Dubov One of the most poignant voices currently floating about is that of Ayla Nereo. Delicate yet powerful
Atyya's music has found a home in the ears and hearts of the transformational festival community and is deeply immersed within