Congressman-elect Luke Letlow (R-LA) has passed away after battling the coronavirus
The bill had been scheduled for House debate on Wednesday but was canceled due to a massive East Coast snow storm, according
The 114th Congress officially got it start on Tuesday, with 74 new members kicking off their terms. Among the newest faces
By Steve Holland That creates an air of unpredictability about Tuesday, when McConnell takes over as Senate majority leader
There are also at least seven ordained ministers in the new Congress, four of whom are Republicans and three who are Democrats
The important lesson from all of this is that leaders in Washington shouldn't start believing their own press releases. Go ahead and claim voters endorsed everything you stand for, but don't start acting like it's true. The American people did not suddenly decide they don't care about clean air, clean water, and a healthy climate.
Kat Cammack had just come from meeting a big donor in Jacksonville, Florida, and was now in a house with boarded-up windows
Here are recommendations for your second term that will address energy-climate change challenges while expediting economic growth, spurring innovation, and creating more jobs.
Members of the 113th Congress have now taken their oaths of office but their day of congratulatory celebrations and receptions will soon be a distant memory as a series of self-induced fiscal "crises" will demand this new Congress' full attention.
Now that she has defied expectations and been elected, Heitkamp says she most looks forward to passing a farm bill, legislation