new directions

The Last Samurai is a book everyone should be talking about. Hell, it should be taught in schools. Due to an ill-starred publishing history, The Last Samurai disappeared from shelves until this May, when New Directions reissued the novel in a beautiful new edition. And I want to tell the whole world, because it is just that extraordinary.
I was always interested in alcohol and drug recovery and rehabilitation. So several years after I became a certified yoga instructor, I became interested in working with recovering addicts. I became a drug counselor in the hopes that I could combine yoga and recovery.
Originally containing 99 tellings of this tale, the new anniversary edition features unpublished extra versions by Queneau
When New Directions’ arch foes steal the team’s coveted Nationals’ trophy in this exclusive sneak peek, it is up to McKinley’s resident superheroes to save the day. Two of the Glee Club’s newest members battle over the affections of a third. Blaine meets the Warblers’ new team captain and wrestles with a tempting offer.
our troops aren't finished with war when they come home. After being acclimated to a life of combat, they return home to what is now foreign to them. Let's show real support for our troops by hiring them when they come home.
Upon his recent death, I realized I had matriculated in the Barney Rosset School of Literature. Publishers played a unique role for the '60s. They set the curriculum for a generation of curious and avaricious readers such as myself.
America's got lots of entrepreneurial talent. A helping hand may give a budding entrepreneur the chance to appear on his or her stage of opportunity. Help the talent be discovered and flourish.