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- Virtual currency Bitcoin ▲ Sharing economy Due to a number of geopolitical shocks, the number of global initial public
Each of these is a great example of a woman stepping up to lead business as a force for global change - on her terms! "Feminism
Take a deep breath, know that you're not alone, and accept that success after graduation is possible with a lot of hard work.
We are not meant to be in service to the economy. The economy is meant to be in service to us. Yet today many of us feel powerless to an economic system that is collectively leading to results that no one wants. We have been taught scarcity and hyper-individualism, that it is "us versus them." Nowhere more so than in business.
But it's not too late. The growing outcry against inequality, the vociferous calls for fair trade instead of free trade and
Divestment from polluting fossil fuel companies is starting to become the order of the day. Examples include the largest
Over the last 20 years, Ms. Hoek has held several CEO and board positions and she is currently the CEO of the Dutch Sustainable
In one extraordinary month, over 30,000 people, spanning every continent except Antarctica, joined together to "Break Free" for climate justice.
The irony is that, in the interests of protecting the 90%, only the very wealthy 10% continue growing their wealth. They
The kinds of investments I refer to here are Direct Public Offerings and certain state securities crowdfunding opportunities
Most people think of capital markets as what goes on in the national exchanges (e.g. New York Stock Exchange), but one of the oldest definitions of capital markets is "the efficient transfer of individuals' savings to companies for research, development, marketing, stability and growth."
And that then begs the do you see it? One very well tested method is to invest in who you know, and that means
When it is becoming clear that creativity and innovation are the benchmarks of the new global knowledge economy, California, and San Diego in particular, has been reinventing its systems of education.
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Business knows better than most that we must give our young people the "new thinking skills" they need to compete in the
Very different actors inhabit the worlds of the current policy landscape and this emerging vision of a new system. Some bridge both worlds -- but too few.
Hunter Lovins, president of Natural Capitalism Solutions, said: Vincent Stanley, director of philosophy at Patagonia, said
Today, the literature is clear -- an economy with fewer big players does a good job of funneling wealth into few hands, but the best path to the most jobs and the most wealth for the most people is directly correlated with the density and diversity of local ownership per capita.
Uber is only a tiny segment of what is alternately called the New Economy, the Sharing Economy, etc. Yes, there are many people driving for Uber, yet this small group is becoming the center of what's being debated while most Americans working independently are largely overlooked.
So can these talks deliver an agreement that moves us into a post-fossil fuel world? The simple answer is "no." For starters, the draft agreement they'll be using as the basis for discussion makes no reference to fossil fuels at all.