new england

If you're planning to visit the Green Mountain State, steer clear of these errors during your travels.
Other wild winter weather in the Northeast included sea smoke and steam devils.
Temperatures across the region plummeted to double-digit negatives, with extreme wind chills making things feel even colder.
The ruling from Maine’s high court brings fresh drama to the saga of trying to connect Québec’s green grid to the northeastern U.S.
The coronavirus mutant widely known as “stealth omicron” is now causing more than a third of new omicron cases around the world.
Wind chill values in some areas are expected to drop to -40F.
The increases are due almost entirely to the delta variant and affecting mostly unvaccinated people.
The tropical depression Henri appears to be lingering in the Northeast, raising the prospect it will bring sustained rains and cause major flooding inland.
Charting the path of its 1620 namesake, this Mayflower is set to land at Provincetown on Cape Cod before making its way to Plymouth, Massachusetts.
The Patriots sent 76 workers from all six New England states on an all-expenses paid trip to Tampa, Florida, to watch the Super Bowl live.