New England Journal of Medicine

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"Because all of the treatments proposed in this study are standard of care, there is no predictable increase in risk for
While the newly-published study underwent rigorous peer review, its findings are obviously limited to the study's scope of
(2) Lenzer J. Longer shifts don't increase harm to patients, finds controversial study. BMJ. 5 February 2016;352. doi: http
We need to focus on preventing new addictions and using the harm-reduction approach to treat current addicts.
I write this as a physician who can see through the façade and racket of what corporate medicine has created. My history of abuse gives me the sensitivity to feel it when it is present. The corporate system of health care is abusive.
The movement toward "good" death - legalized medical aid in dying - has been growing for decades in the U.S., but has been gaining momentum and attention in recent months.
We need to return to the patient-centered care that Dr. Arnold Relman advocated for throughout his professional life rather than continue with the present disease-centered system if we truly want to reduce the burden of disease.
Critics don't want to admit that they've run out of criticisms of Obamacare. The website is working, enrollments are surging, and millions of Americans are getting affordable, high-quality health insurance.