New England Patriots

The Fox News host fumbled her take on the alleged fatal beating of a New England Patriots fan.
Dale Mooney, a 30-year season ticket holder, was pronounced dead at a hospital after an alleged altercation at Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts.
The Patriots coach has seen better days and now he's taking it out on the challenge flag.
Belichick was impressed after catching Taylor Swift play in the rain back in May.
“We are in the process of gathering more information and will not be commenting further at this time," the Patriots said in a statement.
New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and other members of the sports world around the U.S. are condemning recent incidents of hate speech toward Jewish people.
The host became the latest personality at the conservative channel to offer a counter-MAGA take on the Jan. 6 hearings.
The quarterback came clean (sorta) on an unforgettable playoff game.
The Rams' Super Bowl-winning coach appeared to get surprisingly shady toward the venerable New England Patriots leader.
The quarterback great called his former Patriots teammate "old school."