Get ready for a slightly new look, 360-degree video and more.
Of course, people hate change, especially when it comes to Facebook. Modifications the site has made over the years have
I've been giving some thought to what I actually want and need from my hours on the laptop and with social media. Here are just a couple of things that I've come up with.
After nearly three days using Facebook's new News Feed, I've made my conclusion. I like it. Facebook just got a lot more addicting. And more useful.
At a small news conference on Wednesday, Mark Zuckerberg introduced a fairly dramatic redesign of the Facebook newsfeed, emphasizing
This isn't the first time Facebook has used a newspaper analogy to describe News Feed. When it launched Top Stories in September
On Tuesday, Facebook announced in an updated blog post that its radically revamped profile design, called "Timeline," will
"Frictionless" apps are so named because they do not require the user to take any action in order for the app to share its
The information showcased on users' Timelines ranges from life-altering to mundane. Thanks to Facebook's new "frictionless
The entirety of the announcement: We announced Timeline in September and made it available to developers building apps on