What I'm going to talk about, largely, is segmenting information out because that's the only and best way to capture some additional people to your message, and perhaps also fans to your Fan Page.
Starting on March 30, Fan Pages on Facebook will be undergoing big changes, and if you aren't sure what's going to happen to your Fan Page you should know that the changes are pretty significant. I've asked our Facebook expert Amy Porterfield to share some insights into these changes.
Until we can learn to unequivocally trust ourselves and our partners, I suggest staying away from the snooping that is being handed to us with the new Facebook layout.
Are you a Facebook power user? Try these advanced tips to making your Timeline extra special.
The entirety of the announcement: We announced Timeline in September and made it available to developers building apps on
[UPDATE: If you decide afterward that you don't want the new timeline for any reason, it's very easy to revert back. Go back
Zuckerberg also gave developers a preview of what the Timeline will look like on a mobile device. Mark Zuckerberg took the