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Feeling dizzy yet? And now (FINALLY! Sorry...) Schmidt broke up with Fawn. Because he wants to be in love. "Crazy in love
First let me get a few answers out of the way in advance that (many of my friends have already asked me and) fans of Jessica Biel might want to know.
This study examines specific examples of how each male character challenges hegemonic masculinity, thereby representing a new masculinity within the show.
Max Greenfield recently revealed he had seriously considered giving up acting before landing his breakthrough role on the
Have Nick and Jess broken up forever? I don’t know; I don’t write it. This season, they fight all the time. I think Nick
Zooey Deschanel goes all "Parent Trap" in a new photo posted by the "New Girl" star. Deschanel tweeted a picture of her and
With a complicated character to portray, fans of "New Girl" will likely get to see Cardellini's multi-faceted talent every
E! Online's Tierney Bricker got a huge kick out of Brody's appearance, taking note of a nod to Brody's old show, "The O.C
It was a big moment for the characters, and a huge guest star -- and it got the post-Super Bowl spot -- but TVLine's Kimberly
The Hollywood Reporter has attained a copy of Counts and Gold's suit, which demands monetary compensation, credit for the
Having just hit the quarter-life mark, I think it's time to break the myth that by 25, you're supposed to have it all together.
In an interview with Elle magazine, the actress discussed how delighted she is with the show, now in its third season. It
Cardellini will join an already full roster of guest stars on this season of "New Girl," which include Damon Wayans Jr., Adam
The guest spot may seem a surprising choice for the Fox comedy, but apparently Prince is a fan of the series and had been
The "New Girl" episode is set to shoot this week and will air next year. TV Line reports that Brody's character is "open
"I deserve it," Schmidt said. "I cheated on your best friend, I tried to break up you and Nick. Hit the gas ... Do it for
“No. That’s crazy," Jess stammered. "That ain’t real. That’s dumb. That’s straight dumb. You’re dumb. You’re nice. You excited
Since "Happy Endings" was canceled last season, Wayans is free to reprise his role as "Coach" and will stay on the series
When a "Sons of Anarchy"-esque man shows up at the loft and hands Nick $8,000 in a brown paper bag, courtesy of his late father's estate, one can't help but wonder: Now what?
Is it just me, or is "New Girl" solely concentrating on relationships so far this season?! In tonight's episode, all four roommates have to deal with their own significant other(s), with not much else to grab onto otherwise.