New Hampshire is important because they have approximately 40 percent independent voters so the votes could go any which
Despite what you read in the headlines, Hillary Clinton still has a commanding lead over Bernie Sanders nationwide, and beats Republicans in head-to-head match-ups nationwide. But here's how Hillary could lose the election, or even the nomination, if she doesn't watch out.
State Sen. Marilinda Garcia has won the Republican nomination to represent New Hampshire's 2nd District in the U.S. House
Stuff Republicans Like is a gentle reminder that, however much we disparage them, our red state cousins are people too. Just like us, except perhaps a bit... well... processed.
But the results among New Hampshire's Republicans may be a more important indicator of potential going forward. Romney won
Jon Huntsman Sr., the Republican candidate's father and a billionaire, would not commit to investing more money in his son's
Check out the live blog below for the latest developments out of South Carolina. Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman ended his
Ron Paul appeared on several morning shows following his strong second-place finish in the New Hampshire primary, and was
Romney voiced regret that his fellow Republicans have made his record as a venture capitalist an issue, but said it isn't
Not long after the final results of the New Hampshire GOP primary were projected, each of the Republican presidential candidates