Texas school districts are, by law, permitted to refer a student to juvenile court if he or she has amassed 10 or more unexcused
“The students who are not automatically admitted bring tremendous talents, they can be somebody who’s student body president
New Hampshire school board member Paul Butler's proposal to ban football from Dover and its schools has surprised and upset
So in 2010, Obama announced that in exchange for the waivers, states could agree to a plan that included parts of the Obama
Whitney has been in administrative trouble in the past. She had also been placed on paid leave in 2009 following an altercation
Still, Mueller pleaded his case, noting that he "didn't cause them any harm -- physical or otherwise," adding that he called
Harrington was suspended for 12 days and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Assistant Hillsborough County
What is the objection to International Baccalaureate? Because the program is available across the globe, encourages students to learn a second language and teaches students about other cultures, the conspiratorial-right is claiming the program is part of a plot to erode American sovereignty.
It's summer, and now the talk about vice-presidential candidates rises. It's 'veepstakes' season, and Romney must make one of the hardest and most important choices of his political life.
In all, more than 70 percent of New Hampshire schools failed to make AYP in 2012, but Commissioner Virginia Barry says the
Oklahoma and Tennessee's legislators' most recent attacks on evolution started in each state's legislative session in 2011 and were carried forward into this year's sessions.
There are no silver bullets to solve the dropout crisis and blunt instruments often go too far. But when President Obama in his State of the Union address urged states to raise the legal dropout age, we cheered.
Two anti-evolution bills have just been introduced and will be taken up by the New Hampshire legislature in February.
Like most New Yorkers, my husband and I knew that finding an appropriate school for our son was not going to be a cakewalk. Negotiating the New York City school system is practically a rite of passage for parents who live here. But while most parents seek a school that satisfies traditional criteria such as high test scores and general academic achievement, I had an additional standard in mind as we explored nearly two dozen schools: I wanted to find a school for my son where he would would have peers and mentors who are black.
The answers we seek for creating such a system of schools are all around us. We just need to start asking the right questions.
For our nation to move forward, all public school students must have access to a high-quality education. Fair school funding is an essential precondition to achieving that goal.