Absent and truant students are beginning to cost schools so much that some have started to impose strict, and sometimes unforgiving
CHANGES TO THE COURT But other states have banned affirmative action without being compelled to by the courts. New Hampshire
And while Dover Athletic Director Peter Wotton tells the Associated Press that players are supervised by doctors and coaches
The law expired in 2007. Despite a few attempts, Congress has failed to rewrite it, so the administration began offering
The student was suspended, and district officials launched an investigation into the incident. The school board agreed unanimously
Watch Mueller's original video post above and footage of Monday's court proceedings below. Still, Mueller pleaded his case
Mueller, also founder of, has been charged with three felony counts of wiretapping, each of which carries a
What is the objection to International Baccalaureate? Because the program is available across the globe, encourages students to learn a second language and teaches students about other cultures, the conspiratorial-right is claiming the program is part of a plot to erode American sovereignty.
It's summer, and now the talk about vice-presidential candidates rises. It's 'veepstakes' season, and Romney must make one of the hardest and most important choices of his political life.
To lessen the strain of a one-size-fits all approach to student assessments, the Education Department has issued waivers