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It's been a good ride, iPod. We'll create an amazing playlist in your honor! Wednesday is the iPod's 12th birthday, and it
The New York Times reports that the 32-gigabyte model of the new iPod Touch will start at $299 while the iPod Shuffle (2
Check out photos of the new iPods in the slideshow below. See what else Apple announced here. SAN FRANCISCO -- Apple Inc
Just what can the new iPod Nano do? Check out the new iPod Touch lineup below. Twitter exploded at the suggestion of an iPod
SAN FRANCISCO -- Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs announced a new line of iPods on Wednesday, including a Nano model that has a
This time around, analysts are looking for Apple to update its iPod Touch - a device similar to the iPhone, without the phone
What might a 4th generation iPod Touch look like? iLounge, citing only "a source who would have reason to know," suggests