New Jersey

Joseph Rubino's house contained clothing with white supremacist symbols and a purported "instruction manual for owning a slave," federal authorities said.
The coming-of-age film, directed by Gurinder Chadha, delivers The Boss' hits and gives its actors the character development they deserve.
President Donald Trump is using goats to get a tax break at his Bedminster golf course.
Newark, New Jersey, could be the next Flint if officials do not solve the lead water crisis that’s hurting the city and its residents.
Anyone can see what’s going on in Newark, New Jersey. Using the Citizen Virtual Patrol, the public has 24/7 access to the city’s growing network of surveillance cameras. Officials say it’s part of an effort to reduce crime and restore community trust in the police. Opponents say the system leaves room for civil rights abuse and privacy violations.
Alfonso Cirulli, mayor of Barnegat, New Jersey, is fighting a law that is trying to bring LGBTQ history to school curriculums.
The Citizen Virtual Patrol, a 24/7 public surveillance system, lets anyone watch the city's streets from anywhere at any time, through as many as 127 cameras.
The Democratic presidential candidate, who as a New Jersey mayor backed charter schools, pledges to fight GOP efforts to privatize the education system.
Arati Kreibich hopes to fight Big Money ― and the New Jersey congressman ― with "people power."
The state Supreme Court accepted the resignation of Judge James Troiano and mandated new training for all New Jersey judges.
Thanks to Trump's false alarm, immigrants know what to do when ICE comes knocking.
The losing team could use a break but shattering a glass window probably wasn't what it had in mind.
New Jersey judge John Russo Jr. is facing suspension for mistreating a woman who was seeking a restraining order from her attacker.
The plastic bag was left hanging on a door at Alpine's State Line Lookout snack stand.
In explaining why a teen accused of rape deserved leniency, a New Jersey family court judge said the boy was an Eagle Scout with good college prospects.
Bill Baroni, an ex-Chris Christie ally convicted in the Bridgegate scandal, is was ordered to be freed from prison pending an appeal before the high court.
Police in Camden have charged Amanda Ramirez, 27, with manslaughter following the death of her twin, Anna Ramirez.
"We were amazed how big it was," the captain said after the shark took a too-close-for-comfort bite.
The Roman brothers are in debt from expensive heart procedures, and more huge costs are coming if transplants become available.
From hard-partying "Jersey Shore" girl to hardworking mom of three.