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"The other private meetings they’ve had with me, which they’ve had within the last month, they didn’t report on that did
A year after newspaper reports first spotlighted the circumstances that led to a massive traffic jam on the George Washington
Murphy held multiple positions at the mega-bank, including as head of its Frankfurt office, and was also the national finance
For many years, the Drumthwacket Foundation was a modest endeavor, aimed at "curating" and preserving the historic 19th century
...with Krus Krusty's teachings.
If somewhere beneath the bonfire of your presentation, little kindling flames are delicately smouldering their way across the bridge of your presidential ambitions, then the thing you really shouldn't be doing, is blowing on them.
“The Port Authority Office of Inspector General has referred the matter to us, and our office is reviewing it to determine
But when reached on Wednesday, he was furious about the new revelations. Christie's spokesman did not return a request for
Christie has pointed to his success in New Jersey as a model for the GOP, but when you scratch the surface, much like Christie's record, the facts don't match the rhetoric
6. Four, key. The 73 Takeaways from the 2013 elections can be further broken down like so: FEED ON THESE TAKEAWAYS, MY PRETTIES
A Christie hop-on may have really helped Cuccinelli, but hey, them's the breaks. Christie wanted as clear and as resounding
Focusing on how the handling of the shutdown affected, or did not affect, the vote this week ignores a more potent way in which it is impacting Republicans: making voters less likely to be Republicans in the first place.
One of the pundit-memes that's been bandied about is the notion that the McAuliffe-Cuccinelli race is a vital test of Hillary
Facing a skeptical moderator, he replied in the usual blunt, you-gotta-be-kidding-me manner that has proved appealing to
The Associated Press called the race based on interviews with voters as they left polling places. The interviews were conducted
Christie, 51, was already popular when Sandy slammed into the coast a year ago, damaging 360,000 homes and businesses and
Christie was widely expected to win the race, and according to the AP, was looking to become the first Republican running
Buono, who focused on the economy in her run, campaigned without the aid of big-name Democrats. She also was spurned early
The win by the blunt, tough-talking incumbent was expected by political experts to solidify his standing in the national