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Last month, a lower-court judge ruled that New Jersey must recognize gay marriages starting Monday. Gay couples began exchanging
Today the New Jersey Supreme Court refused to stay the issuance of marriage licenses to same-sex couples while it weighs whether the state can continue to offer civil unions rather than full marriage equality. The court's decision means that marriages can start this coming Monday.
I don't want to have to read a ballot question about same-sex marriage to my daughters. They don't know that some people, like our governor, think our family is less worthy. And I don't want them to know that a minute before they absolutely have to.
It is time to tell Gov. Christie that his opposition to marriage equality is unacceptable. I am hopeful that New Jersey's Supreme Court will soon end his final frantic bid to stop marriage equality in his state. Maybe then he will learn that a man who opposes equality for all is yesterday's politician.
2013-10-14-Screenshot20131014at2.11.07PM.pngGov. Chris Christie has filed last-minute legal challenges to try to halt the impending weddings, but so far he hasn't met with much luck.
If Gov. Christie were a true leader, he would put his personal views and political ambitions aside and do what the people of New Jersey know is right. He would see how misguided he is in proudly discriminating against gay and lesbian couples. But he's blinded by his political ambitions.
Judge Mary Jacobson of the Mercer County Superior Court ruled Friday that gay couples can marry in the Garden State starting October 21.
NJGayMarriage - This post has been updated. Judge Mary Jacobson of the Mercer County Superior Court ruled Friday that gay
Judge Jacobson told the assistant attorney general that the recent decisions of several federal agencies not to consider couples in civil unions eligible for federal benefits pointed to the fact that those couples are not being treated equally, but she expressed concern about moving too quickly on the issue.
You see, I'm going to be in Erie Park in Montclair on Saturday at 4 p.m., walking with Garden State Equality. We're going to be walking to raise money to override your veto, and I just thought that maybe you should be there.
They believe that their grandson has a right to his 70 years. But with each day that my husband and I are denied the immediate comprehension and understanding that the word "marriage" provides, it's unlikely that we'll be able to break their record.
But now, frustrated that the Democratic leadership in the state legislature has not scheduled a veto override vote, as promised
Governor Christie's veto only delayed the day and time when we finally establish marriage equality in the Garden State -- because it is going to happen in New Jersey, and we are going to override his veto.
Christie went on to say that activists in the civil rights era "would have been happy to have a referendum," a statement
Last week's ruling by the federal appellate court in California makes clear that alternative recognition schemes like domestic partnerships and civil unions are good, but they are not good enough. One hopes that Governor Christie is paying attention.
Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) said Thursday that he was offering gay marriage advocates the "bargain of their life" by working
New Jersey often suffers from an identity problem and easily becomes the joke of late-night comics. New Jersey's identity would only improve by being one of the first states in our country to enshrine tolerance in its laws by ending second-class citizenship.
A bill to legalize gay marriage cleared the state Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday, paving the way for a full Senate