Last month, the state Department of Education said it is underfunding many school districts under the SFRA formula due to
One Newark, unveiled last December, gives students the option of attending a school besides the one in their local neighborhood
In early February, the ELC filed a lawsuit against the state DOE for failing to ensure that Newark and 30 other school districts
The New Jersey School Development Authority (SDA), a public agency that is in charge of building maintenance for the state’s
Slate reporter Dave Weigel, who was present at the campaign stop and witnessed the interaction, corroborated Tomlinson’s
In 2011, amid growing criticism, the SDA accepted requests for emergent repairs in its districts. According to a press release
The statement added that the district solicitor is reviewing the decision, mentioning how the U.S. Supreme Court in 2010
Christie's commercial emphasizes a bipartisan approach. All year, Christie has touted an ability to work with leaders in
I have long been perplexed by the dilemma that test-driven "reform" created. Teachers cannot remain silent as our integrity is assailed and as corporate "reformers" follow their marketing plan and launch one outrageous attack on public schools after another.
The immediate damage of the cap policy is harder to measure or see, but the longer-term loss is very great. New Jersey cannot continue to provide excellent local education without strong, adequately compensated leaders.
"I just love it. It's really great. The kids are really good kids," Neubauer said. "The Lord will tell me when to stop." But
A Phillipsburg, N.J. substitute teacher has been terminated for the year after sharing a Bible verse with a student and subsequently
"I'm completely disappointed that we didn't get more answers or more help from [the school] rather than just kind of, 'Sorry
This piece comes to us courtesy of The Hechinger Report. In 2012, new teacher-evaluation systems and merit pay spread across
How can an institution that claims to be academically objective put out a press release that is so misleading about the study's findings?
Tagoe is searching for another job but still volunteers to help when parents and students seek assistance or information
Charter schools are publicly funded but independently run, and often admit students via lottery. Proponents such as the Obama
The results of the study hint at tension within the charter school movement between growth and performance: New Jersey has
"When they see us on their front doorstep knocking and they realize it's us and we're here to see if they're OK, their faces
Not all are on board with segregating boys from girls in the classroom, however. The American Civil Liberties Union of New