Two brothers were suspended from their Albuquerque, New Mexico, elementary school this week after bringing in rock candy
The differences between the two children are stark: By the time he entered kindergarten, her older son could spell his name
Michelle Rhee Sets Up Shop In SC StudentsFirst, the former D.C. chancellor's national lobbying group, is branching out into South Carolina, reports the Post and Courier. The paper notes that SC received a "D" grade on SF's recent policy report card -- not exactly stellar. On the group's SC agenda: turnarounds, teacher evaluations, charter school accountability, and the parent trigger.
Next In Your Education Library: Ron Paul?? According to the Washington Post, former presidential candidate Ron Paul is working on an education tome called "New School Manifesto." The book will be out in September. Paul, as you might recall, campaigned on shutting down the U.S. Education Department. So it'll come as no surprise that the book will majorly boost home schooling.
According to a federal report released in March, schools physically restrained students 39,000 times during the 2009-2010
"We try to the best of our ability to give the best education with the best tools possible," Superintendent of Campus Programs
This weekend, I along with 29 other young people will give away five million dollars. Our goal: to help solve our nation's education problem by integrating service into the school curriculum.
Similarly, the old Quincy High School in Massachusetts got a taste of Hollywood when the crew of the Kevin James film "Here
“Same gender couples are inconsistent with scriptural lifestyle and biblical teachings,” a letter from the school to the
With project-based learning, the challenge is to set the expectations high, provide support and belief in your student, and get out of the way.