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“It” actor Nicholas Hamilton is honoring Pride Month with a new single inspired by a romantic evening with his beau, Jackson Tremblay.
The New York singer-songwriter is hopeful "Come Out" will encourage listeners to do away with “the self-important personas we all build up for ourselves.”
With "Boy," the Los Angeles singer-songwriter conveys the pain ― and occasional pleasures ― of being a young gay man at an emotional crossroads.
The three-time Grammy winner unveiled two new singles from her hotly anticipated album "Chemistry."
The five-time Grammy winner surprised fans by unveiling the title track of her forthcoming movie, “Love Again.”
The Los Angeles-based musician says his new single “Take My Heart” highlights “society’s fixation on bodies and erasure of identities.”
The steamy track is the first No. 1 single performed by a nonbinary artist and an openly transgender artist in the U.S.
"If the ones you love support you — THATS ALL U NEED," the singer wrote on Instagram with a video showing her mom listening to "Special" for the first time.
Mark your calendars. A new single called "Rumors" is coming.
The “Good Days” artist discussed her new partnership with Tazo, her growth since “Ctrl” and her forthcoming studio album.