new orleans pelicans

The Houston Rockets star was taking out some frustrations on the basketball. It didn't go well.
The league has been notified of the pending jersey change.
The NBA's No. 1 draft pick arrived in town to huge expectations and a sweet gift from the Saints quarterback.
"She put her dreams aside for mine," the Duke star said after being chosen by the New Orleans Pelicans.
At the moment, no one knows what the future holds for New Orleans.
When Josh Smith misses on his threes, the ball looks like a misguided missile. But man, can he pass. He lobbed and backdoored the Mavs to death in the second half to spearhead a 13-0 stretch that blew a one-point game wide open and gave Houston a 2-0 lead in their series.
Team defense at this level is based on two simple factors: how many guys you have to hide, and how much help you have to