Pope Francis is a man who wants us to understand each other no matter what our differences may be and to do our best to help one another. And that is the core of what every religion should be.
He lives in a Vatican guest house rather than the ornate Apostolic Palace. He gets around in a Ford Focus. In his recent, startling critique of capitalism, he called on the free world's most powerful organizations to have a conscience.
6. He doesn't want gifts for Christmas or his birthday, he just wants to hang out. Pope Francis raised some eyebrows this
Pope Francis' recent encyclical is sending shock waves around the world. In addition to exhortations to the faithful, Evangelii Gaudium ("The Joy of the Gospel") packs a scathing critique of "unbridled" capitalism and consumerism.
I think it's fair to say that today's off-script remarks in Cagliari, Sardinia, represents one of the most "Franciscan" actions of his pontificate so far.
If we do choose to praise Pope Francis, we shouldn't see this as a divergence from his previous comments, because much of Pope Francis' teachings preach inclusion for those on the margins, whether the poor, or uneducated, and now the sexually marginalized.
It's a long shot but if this column reaches Rome, I have a few suggestions for Francis since I am continually tinkering with my own website. Your Holiness, I just want to ensure your site is not only informative, but cutting edge, proactive and profitable.
We will watch closely as this milestone papacy unfolds, but I am optimistic that Francis will champion the need for access to education that prepares ethical leaders.
I might not believe in God, but I believe that Catholics and atheists can work together just as all of humanity can work together towards equality and justice when we put the needs of modern people first and the arcane doctrine second.
In Pope Francis' brief homily for the inaugural Mass of his papal ministry, he emphasized something that should be familiar to American Catholics who have seen a certain motto sometimes displayed on police cars.
Ultimately, experts say that social media will be an important tool that Pope Francis and the Catholic Church could use to
Brighter Light, cameras and action! "Jesus, Mary and Joseph" are on the altar of sacrifice and the world stage with Pope Francis. At the Vatican, the new pope will walk fervently in his simple shoes and enter humbly into the most mystical drama on earth, The Holy Mass.
When the new pope supports the freedom and equality of all people regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, and when he shows the world that he has the courage to expose and prosecute every child-raping priest in the Catholic Church, I'll have some respect for him.
Pope Francis reportedly told the man, "Relax. There is no problem." In a message to HuffPost, Author Chris Lowney and Jennon
Underlying all the media focus on the cardinals' selection of a new pope, and the predictable focus on personality over meaning, was a much greater struggle between tradition and reform, conservatism and progress. That struggle mirrors politics in America and most western democracies.
Pope Francis refused to sit on the throne, preferring to stand with his flock. He will walk and lead with a new style of simplicity following the footsteps of his first love, Jesus Christ.
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Cardinal Jorge Maria Bergoglio, now Pope Francis I, has been questioned by some for his role during his country’s bloody 1976–83 military dictatorship.