New Scientist

The New Scientist magazine popularized the term, but two astronomers have already named them "submoons."
A North Carolina scientists has patented a new device that will provide orgasms for women at the push of a button.
Often inspired by articles from The New Scientist, the sometimes extremely short stories in Tania Hershman's The White Road
If religion comes so naturally to us, why are so many people, especially in western Europe, apparently resistant to it? New
Got a bullying boss? Take solace in new research showing that leaders who feel incompetent really do lash out at others to
War has been part of the human condition throughout recorded and archeological history. Is war part of our nature?
It seems to me that Al Gore may have been too soft in choosing his movie title: "inconvenient" might better be replaced with "staggering" or "alarming' or perhaps even something stronger.
It's entirely possible that the Smithfield facility at La Gloria had nothing to do with this outbreak. But it's not exactly a "wild theory" -- Smithfield pigs are being tested for the new H1N1 strain as I write this.
The Darwinian prop of the lone cowboy rugged conservative bundle of selfish genes has now been pulled out from under the cowboy and the lone cowboy has suddenly collapsed into a mumbling baffled cartoon.