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"Nightcrawler," "Jurassic Park" and dozens of other movies join the service this month.
Charlize Theron, Zac Efron and Michael Jordan join Netflix this month.
Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams star in a comedy this month.
As CNN continues to drift toward reality television under the direction of Jeff Zucker, the network's newest original series
Who You'll Recognize: Halle Berry. What To Expect: A woman who just returned from a 13-month solo mission in space discovers
Details on the "Truman Show" TV series have not yet been released, but stay tuned for updates. A year after Paramount relaunched
Chicago, I'm here to tell you that you've got to see this magic. The world we hope for most - the one where we build something incredible out of nothing but each other - is available for the taking every Wednesday. I don't want you to miss it.
Watching TV can be a low-pressure way for a family to spend time together, and post-show chats about TV characters' choices can be a great (and not-so-forced) way to express your values when it comes to touchy issues.
Thompson also said he wasn't shocked by the cancellation of another CBS show -- the family comedy "Rob." And even with these