New South Wales

One of the female dogs had reportedly just given birth to a litter of puppies.
Farmers and rural residents say they're at their wits end battling the growing tide of mice.
"The timing is right," the New South Wales state premier said.
“It looks like it’s going for my leg and it’s changed its mind,” Matt Wilkinson said of the terrifying video.
A series of devastating blazes has scorched nearly 30 million acres, killed 33 people and left an estimated 1 billion native animals dead.
Thousands of pounds of carrots and sweet potatoes were airdropped across New South Wales.
The arson suspects are among 183 people facing bushfire-related offenses in the fire-ravaged state, police said.
Officials told visitors to leave the South Coast region of New South Wales as they declared a seven-day state of emergency in the state.
All residents have been warned “to be on alert."