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These articles presented initiatives from around the world to promote new technologies in urban governance. Check out more
Before you use these headphones, you must first tailor them to your ears through a 90 second test administered by a mysterious
In the beginning of the relationship, we are in awe of what the phone can do for us. We celebrate it when it's still considered new. We holds hands with it everywhere we go. We clean it and dry it and worship its little face.
Giving Back to the Community Many companies are seeking measures to decrease the country's dependence on fossil fuels and
Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter The transformational music festival community is growing in devotees as well as
But Rossy and Reffet are both extremely experienced in the air. Rossy was both a military and commercial pilot for years
Part social media platform, part cognitive behavioral therapy tool, Koko is an app that allows people to post their deepest anxieties and fears to a network of anonymous peers. These peers then respond to the posts in an exercise known as cognitive reframing.
As cognitive technologies continue to expand what machines are capable of doing, the boundary between the work that computers do and the work that humans do is shifting. This doesn't imply that work is going to disappear. But it does suggest that how we work, and what work we do, will change.
Regardless of Web 3.0 collective intelligence--and the 128GB smartphone in the pocket--the digital crutches are stripped away as the startup founder takes the stage to tell her startup story and seek venture capital funding.