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Unless you're from Los Angeles, you may not know about Fairfax Avenue, home to the next generation of creative entrepreneurs. Welcome To Fairfax, a new series on Pivot, delves into the personal lives of some of the area's key players working to build creative businesses.
There are some good ones coming this fall, that shake-up formulas, feature incredible actors and, if you give them a chance, might just become your new must-sees.
NBC released the first official trailer for its new series "Constantine" on Sunday, May 11, and damn it to hell, it looks
LAUNCHES "The Rachel Maddow Show" "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" Newsstands would have seemed fuller 9 years ago with publications
You're probably watching (or eagerly anticipating) the same shows as everyone else right now, like "Scandal," "How I Met
Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman were executive producers on "Fringe" and are currently serving the same roles on "Sleepy Hollow
Not since the days of the "Prime Suspect" fedora and the stylish "Pan Am" uniform caps (the 2011-2012 TV season) have hats
While other teenagers were going to the mall and making out with one another, I was chatting it up with the witch at our local occult store about the best techniques for tarot card reading.
In a sea of how'd they convince anyone that was a good idea pilots, there are ten newbies that you should not miss, that everyone will be buzzing about because they are so transportingly fun.
The TV gods have shined upon addicts like me and given us another reason to love that moving picture box. It's simple: Give us more great television!
I'm rooting for Awake, a well-written procedural crime drama dressed up as an intense emotional exploration of family relationships.
True, for decades, what's old becomes new again. But does it really have to? Is Hollywood so lacking in creativity that is has to reinvent every cool hit of the last 30 years?
If I am going to commit to a series with a progressing story arc, then please sign my pre-nup that you won't run off without fulfilling your obligations.
ABC - Insert Detroit Joke of Your Choice Here CBS - I Object, Vigorously NBC - Here's Hoping For an Art-Imitates-Life Sweeps
Text and show descriptions by Frazier Moore, Associated Press; slideshow by Huffington Post You already have to keep up with
The new television season is just around the corner, and many are wondering what the new hit shows will be. Well, wonder
I watch lots of shows on my computer and there are some exciting things happening online. We're seeing the growth of a truly independent television movement.
The popularity of so-called reality programs can be seen as a testament to their appeal, but this season the proliferation of the programs and their portrayal of women ought to give us pause.