new voters

The current election cycle has caught the attention of many Americans who previously were not engaged in the electoral process
Donald Trump just won his third primary, taking Nevada with a commanding 46 percent of the Republican vote. If you take a look back at his campaign so far, you will see a long trail of wishful Washington thinking that was proven wrong and had to be tossed to the side of the road.
For all the pride the accompanies rousing speeches, parades, and campaigns, those things are only talismen of what America
Having spent more than four years in Kentucky politics, I can say quite definitively that it's a fascinatingly complicated state when it comes to politics.
If McCain cannot attract voters to him, the only strategy left is to prevent voters from getting to the polls to support his opponent.
According the pollsters, Barack didn't experience a post-convention bounce. He isn't up by 5 or 10 points right now like they are all saying he should be. Well friends, I would beg to differ.
This year presents an unprecedented opportunity and responsibility for millions of new young voters to make the critical difference in the outcome of the 2008 presidential election.
When Obama eschewed the pundit's red-blue-purple state preoccupation during his '04 Democratic Convention speech, he was choosing poetry over polls.
"More interesting is whether the Rove strategy of playing to the base will have long-run negative consequences. Opposing
Yes it's the title of my new album, and consequently shameless self-promotion, but it certainly sums up the way I feel today, as a proud Obama supporter.
The demographic that starts to feel "I'm a part of something that is going to change this country, and I'm proud to go vote" may be the key to victory for one of the Democratic candidates.