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In a blog post, Merriam-Webster noted that some of the new words are "kind of goofy" and some come from the "not-so-natural
In an attempt to bridge the gap between language and the way we connect with one another -- especially emotionally -- Koenig
Jel (short for jealous) and xlnt (yes, that's an abridged version of excellent) also made the cut, proving that slang can
The latest edition of Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary has one region celebrating.
Throughout the year, the Oxford English Dictionary adds newly popular words to its lineup, and on Wednesday it introduced
Like the soul, the Voocule is not something that can be actually seen or picked up or even located. Therefore, it may require some mental gymnastics to understand.
The director of the Collins Free Online Dictionary, Alex Brown, says he likes to keep his "ear close to the ground." That
Perhaps we all have our own Schadenfreude palette (that is, the desire to gloat and find happiness in the misfortunes of others). Having thought about it, I instantly began to notice the said traits amongst friends, relatives and, indeed, total strangers. So I decided to collect them.
By Emily Temple For Flavorwire Every year, the American Dialect Society chooses a word of the year — and they’re not the
Words such as "jeggings" (a hybrid of jeans and leggings) and "skank" (a derogatory term for a loose woman). Should Shakespeare be turning over in his grave or "tweeting" in delight?