New York Art

Water, sky, sand, warmth, refraction, hands, lips, breasts, ocean, touch, light dancing on the female form. These words describe the debut solo exhibition of multi-media artist Allison Harrell at The Ward Nasse Gallery in New York City.
Calling all filmmakers -- there's a new Festival coming to town! For more features from ZEALnyc read: 'Exhibitionism--The
The Outsider Art Fair is in its twenty-fifth year of presenting galleries and artists who specialize in what was formerly
On March 29, 2016, The Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art & Storytelling welcomed No Longer Empty for its annual benefit, The Journey Continues.
Which was what? Well, he suggested that nothing that one ever made was perfect or the same, it's a variation on sameness
They are 40 weird sci-fiesque stories I wrote. I used voice You can get actors from all over the world to read anything for you. I told them "Read it like Hal 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey."
Your work communicates with viewers across many senses - we hear stories or music, we see all kinds of things, we drink coffee
"I define myself as an in-situ artist, it's a mix of land art and street art. But for me it's the same, to turn a place into a state of mind."
"They are different contrasts between good and bad, it's about contradicting elements. I like mixing the two different elements because it creates new stories out of it."
"I'm interested in the human interaction because that's what we deal with every day. I'm trying to heighten that experience for myself. If I choose to do this, what's the ripple effect?"
Arthena is sharing three of its top picks for gallery exhibitions you won't want to miss this September. Jan Kossen Art Gallery, Causey Contemporary gallery and Art 3 are just a few of New York's galleries with upcoming exhibitions that are shaping up to be must-sees.
"In 2009, as director and stage art director of Semele, I am very excited to be able to take an ancestral family temple with
I recently visited painter Max Ginsburg in his studio to talk about his his politically and emotionally charged paintings. For more than sixty years, Ginsburg has painted from life.
Sean Yoro, the New York-based artist known as Hula, has created a series of such haunting portraits using oil paint and similarly
In 2011, Vu made his first laser-engraved wooden surfboard, setting out to make 210, one for each of the Beatles' songs.
The exhibition 'Richard Estes: Painting New York City' opened March 10 at the Museum of Arts and Design and is the first solo show by the octogenarian painter in a New York museum.
In advance of her show ONLY IN HEAVEN, Sara Zielinski had the chance to ask Sara Zielinski a few questions about the unique nature of the show. It takes place in her apartment and features a wide variety of media.
A piece of art that either openly celebrates same-sex desire or points to it; or reveals within its space some aspect of an outsider sexual experience that has been withheld.
Crystal C is the recent show of Slovenian installation and performance artist Jaša -- a leader figure in the Ljubljana contemporary art scene and he has recently joined the Artist Pension Trust.