new york cabs

City cabbies insist they know when to take a break.
Auto sharing is becoming a more popular method of transportation, so why shouldn't bike sharing follow suit? Quite a few consumers and companies agree with that statement. Bicycle-sharing systems have mushroomed over the last few years in large and medium-sized U.S. markets.
I drive a yellow cab. Here are some tips to the tourist, the New Yorker, and the tourist that thinks he's a New Yorker.
When blacks are not getting picked up, the drivers passing them by are not white racists. They are mostly Indian and/or Pakistani men (and a very few women) -- men of color. What gives?
New York City's yellow cabs might be world famous, but with a 98 percent chance of getting a driver who's on the phone 100 percent of the time, they're far from the world's best. Or coolest, even.
24. You never, ever want to buy a car-- because no vehicle could ever replace the immense, deep, lasting love you have for
The plan was initially intended to go into effect on Oct. 28 which would lead to the eventual overhaul of all other taxi
I rolled my eyes and settled back into my seat, tears beginning to sting my lower lids. I prayed for the light to change. I prayed for my life to change.
The blonde jumped in front of him and raised her arm, shaking it like an eager student with the right answer. He couldn't let her win and so he jumped right in front of her. She scowled as a car with an "On Duty" sign pulled to the curb.
New York City may be a "sink or swim" town. But, sinking isn't really an option. Not here. Not now. Not ever. So we will fight.