“The technical issues have stopped [AC&C] from euthanizing any animals for days, and this has caused the situation at AC
NEW YORK CITY — City pounds are giving dogs a reason to wag their tails Wednesday. Animal Care and Control will not euthanize
Now, after three years, de Campi has penned a moving Craigslist post searching for Cathy's previous owners: Three years ago
By Janon Fisher "He dug a hole under the sidewalk in the backyard and he was living there," Pastore said. "[He] was stressed
Esther Koslow started volunteering at New York City Animal Care and Control's Manhattan shelter in June 2006. Koslow, who
The fact is, when it comes to pets in this city, we are in a constant state of emergency. Euthanasia is a fate faced by about a third of the animals that make it into New York's Animal Care Control.
Gothamist reports the dog, named Star is being treated by Animal Care & Control. The dog's medical summary: Witnesses say
As a portraitist, it was my duty to create that all-important connection between the subject and the observer and it had
Of course, this isn't the first time a wild animal's found its way into the New York subway. There was the rat that crawled
"All our pets are microchipped," Jamie Squires said. "If I could microchip my kids, I would." According to one account, it