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After enduring intense surgery for his cancer, Matisse was bed- and chair-ridden and could no longer cultivate works through traditional methods of drawing and sculpting. And so he picked up a pair of scissors and inevitably birthed a new medium of art.
Why is VECTOR Gallery important? The Torah, The Bible, The Quran, and now VECTOR. VECTOR Gallery is itself a religious text
Whether or not you actually intend on wearing toe shoes within your lifetime, you can briefly experience the high-intensity
Like somnambulists, they walked from morning 'til night, barely acknowledging their audience. They performed Time After Us, a 24-hour walking meditation, on October 11, in lower Manhattan's St. Paul's Chapel.
Jennifer Maravillas is collecting a piece of trash from every block in Brooklyn for a project she's called "71 Square Miles
Lital Dotan starts her day the same way almost every morning: by “cleansing the body”—what most of us would call “washing
Moschetta imagines a vibrant gathering place and excitedly elaborates plans for different parts of the Square. “I see this
Alighiero Boetti (Italian, 1940-1994). Mappa (Map). 1971-72. Embroidery on linen 78 ¾ x 141 ¾" (200 x 360 cm). Glenstone
In this downtrodden economy in which the arts are often seen as superfluous and secondary, it is inspiring to see a young arts organization thriving and actively changing the ways in which people engage with nomadic art making and acknowledge the spaces and places in which art is created and shared.
What do you get when you combine art and imagination and use its power to cultivate community and impact society?
May welcomes artist Matthew Palladino to the New York gallery circuit. The opening of his solo show at Fredericks and Freiser gallery in Chelsea now gives New Yorkers the opportunity to view Palladino's art in all its eerie splendor.
After receiving a standing ovation for her poems 'If I Should Have a Daughter' and 'Hiroshima,' 22-year-old spoken word poet
Sue de Beer concentrates on giving form to that intense adolescent turmoil that we're all familiar with, modifying conventions of movie-making to help make her point.
With fierce objectivity, Penner paints portraits of Texas small town life without ever showing us a single human face. Their parked pickup trucks and their children's big wheels remind us that they are missing.
WHEN: September 16 - November 20, 2010 WHERE: Galeria Filomena Soares Rua da Manutenção, 80, 1900-321 Lisboa, Portugal WHO
New York's art scene is fairly sedate in August (though we did manage to pick out ten can't-miss shows), so it's the perfect
The people have expressed their opinion of the Shepard Fairey mural on Houston Street in New York by throwing rocks through it. The City is expressing its with violation notices.
Deitch Projects continues to transition through uncertain times as proprietor Jeffrey Deitch readies for his new job at Los