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After enduring intense surgery for his cancer, Matisse was bed- and chair-ridden and could no longer cultivate works through traditional methods of drawing and sculpting. And so he picked up a pair of scissors and inevitably birthed a new medium of art.
Check out the slideshow below for some more images from VECTOR. You claim that VECTOR Gallery seceded from the United States
Whether or not you actually intend on wearing toe shoes within your lifetime, you can briefly experience the high-intensity
Like somnambulists, they walked from morning 'til night, barely acknowledging their audience. They performed Time After Us, a 24-hour walking meditation, on October 11, in lower Manhattan's St. Paul's Chapel.
Jennifer Maravillas is collecting a piece of trash from every block in Brooklyn for a project she's called "71 Square Miles
Lital Dotan starts her day the same way almost every morning: by “cleansing the body”—what most of us would call “washing
Over a couple of days at the beginning of the summer, we [Moschetta and Bruns] interviewed 170 people throughout the city
It's a fitting presentation for an artist whose work functioned in such an intensely idea-driven manner. Boetti may have