New York City Comptroller

New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer rips the president's response to the coronavirus pandemic.
Coming off a disappointing 2012, the Pebble Limited Partnership and its uniquely reckless project hit the rocks repeatedly in 2013.
"We're going to determine if this technology, which allows the police to watch almost every New Yorker's move, is safeguarded
"These are veiled criticisms of the Bloomberg administration, which relied on non-competitive processes to make awards," said
At the time, the bar owners' lingering debt was paid off, Stringer was a state assemblyman in the midst of an unsuccessful
Things were hunky-dory on Tuesday, when Stringer appeared on the evening talk show Paterson co-hosts with Curtis Sliwa, on
The New York Post endorsed Scott Stringer on Saturday for New York City comptroller by pillorying his opponent, former New
In recent weeks, Spitzer has been a frequent presence on the city's airwaves, releasing two new television ads that play
A candidate for New York City comptroller was arrested Tuesday for selling prescription drugs. On her campaign website, Davis
In a New York Times piece published July 7, Spitzer jumped into the race, saying that he was "hopeful there will be forgiveness