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New data released by the Census Bureau shows that even though the recession has ended, the city's poverty rate continues to increase, and the gap between the rich and poor is on the rise. Information and communication technology, however, offers signs of hope.
NEW YORK -- Mayor Bill de Blasio is pulling back the space-sharing arrangements for three charter schools that are part of Success Academy, a high-profile school chain whose leader has been a frequent de Blasio target, sources within the charter school movement tell The Huffington Post.
Success Academy was founded as Harlem Success Academy by former city council member Eva Moskowitz in 2006, and has since
Will we recognize that we cannot incarcerate children at a cost of $210,000 in facilities that display a recidivism rate nearing 90 percent, that we cannot continue to have the largest prison population in the world and that we cannot maintain a school to prison pipeline?
Bill de Blasio knows that public education will suffer if the NYC continues on its present course of privatization, high-stakes testing and closing of neighborhood schools. He understands that churn and disruption are bad for children, bad for families, bad for schools and bad for communities.
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NEW YORK CITY -- New York City school buses were involved in 1,700 accidents last year -- an average of nearly five per day
More than 40 years ago, before before an NCAA championship and the NBA, I was fortunate that coaches, teachers and family formed a support network around me. TopSpin and other programs like it are helping to ensure that support now exists where it's most needed.
UPPER WEST SIDE — For most students in New York City, the end of August means stocking up on school supplies, picking up
Should the word "divorce" be banned from standardized tests? The "D" word is part of a recently released list of more than
Department officials told FOX News Nation that the mandates are simply meant to be sensitive to a diverse student body. In
This was the first time I’d gone to a school outside of Brooklyn, and everything seemed really impersonal. Murry Bergtraum
Education was the theme of the jam-packed, sold-out, sixth annual MLK Day celebration at the Brooklyn Museum, In MLK's Footsteps: Education as a Civil Right, moderated by WNYC's Brian Lehrer.
A central part of Mayor Bloomberg's speech was on education, an issue where I feel he has largely come up short.
After advocates fought back state budget cuts that would have shuttered more than one-third of the city's senior centers
I am a public school parent and I have talked with parents all over our city who are tired of the Department of Education treating them like problems instead of partners.
Life and education are too complicated for single letter grades. A smarter, nuanced alternative is within New York's grasp.