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“If Bratton wants to end the violence in the illicit marijuana marketplace, he should support the Marijuana Regulation and
Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson, who independently promised to stop prosecuting low-level marijuana arrests earlier
A congressman is putting pressure on the New York Police Department to curb the number of low-level marijuana arrests in
For the second year in a row, the number of marijuana arrests in New York City has plummeted, but critics argue too many
Under Mayors Rudolph Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg, however, police often brought marijuana into “public view” after stopping
"August haul--In the shadow of Brooklyn Federal Building, one block north of Tillary St., a new crop of marijuana is cut
While smoking a cigarette off school property in 2011, Alberto Willmore, then a New York City public school teacher, was
State Senator Diane Savino, who's co-sponsoring a bill to legalize medical marijuana in New York, thinks otherwise. "Mayor
Those marijuana arrests seem to fly in the face of recent moves toward reform on the part of Bloomberg and Police Commissioner
Kelly was responding to mounting criticism over the skyrocketing number of marijuana arrests over the last decade. From The